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Wonder. One word. It's been a driving force in my life. Every day. I wonder.  I wonder if there was an electric car that soon [while watching Murdoch Mysteries  ] I wonder what that word means -- kinesin [while watching a vine  ] I wonder if homework helps students? [ a staff school improvement question] I wonder how social media could be used in education? [and how do students use it- how do we get better at digital citizenship ?] I wonder what to do with all the information around us? [while reflecting on third anniversary of #etmooc   I don't just wonder, I find answers -- or rather I research, connect, consider, and form my own ideas to inform my life and my work, sharing and collaborating with others to consider the best options. And that's what I wish for my students -- to wonder about the world and how it works, to wonder about words and why they inspire us, and to wonder in ways that expand their understanding of the world

Blended Learning: Education Transformation

Learning: Then and Now Summer Learning: Blended Learning I'm taking a course from NCESD on Blended Learning. What are my goals? I want to move from what was, to what needs to be: learner-centered pedagogy with technology as a tool to create, communicate, consider, collaborate, and curate. Why consider blended learning? I'm reminded of Karl Fisch: Cross posted at: nsdedwards Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness... Reflect curiosity and wonder... Live to make the world less difficult for each other. ~ George Eliot