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Sheri Edwards

About Me

Sheri Edwards

Geeky Gramma

Middle School Teacher
Language Arts / Media Educator, Retired

Always Learning:
Connected, Collaborative, Creative

Plant the seeds of wonder
that inspire more

Technology Advocate
Learning Focus

SHERI EDWARDS taught middle school Language Arts in a rural school district in North Central Washington State. She has taught 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students over thirty-one years. For ten years she taught the Talented and Gifted Program (That Star Club). Currently she is also a Technology Liaison who brings new ideas and strategies for integrating technology for learning to staff and IT to create a program that moves forward with the many changes in media and applications.

She participated early in the Teacher Leadership Project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, adding to her passion for 21st Century teaching and learning. Her classroom encouraged readers and writers to blossom as they connected with other students globally, considering others’ ideas. Digital citizenship, media literacy, and equity in tech access are her passions. She guided students in these through Google Apps for Education. She kept a class newsletter blog at NSDEdwards and a class site at LAGoalsEveryday she asked her students and herself, "What Else?" What else could we solve, do, research, read, write, ponder, collaborate, help? She knows that all kids can learn, and that we are all smart in many ways. 

She has been a guest blogger for Children's Literature and created a site for newbie tech teachers at AskWhatElseRead more at her website and teaching reflections Ask What Else where she reflects on collaborations. She curates resources to share at So Consider. Her photography and poetry appear at See-Frame-Focus-Snap. She believes that a healthy dialogue in a democratic society best ensures progress and equity for all-- and that we are all still learning; be patient with each other.

She and her husband enjoy a family of four children and ten grandchildren, walks with the dog, and connected conversations.

Reflect curiosity and wonder. Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness.


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Wonder. One word. It's been a driving force in my life. Every day. I wonder.  I wonder if there was an electric car that soon [while watching Murdoch Mysteries  ] I wonder what that word means -- kinesin [while watching a vine  ] I wonder if homework helps students? [ a staff school improvement question] I wonder how social media could be used in education? [and how do students use it- how do we get better at digital citizenship ?] I wonder what to do with all the information around us? [while reflecting on third anniversary of #etmooc   I don't just wonder, I find answers -- or rather I research, connect, consider, and form my own ideas to inform my life and my work, sharing and collaborating with others to consider the best options. And that's what I wish for my students -- to wonder about the world and how it works, to wonder about words and why they inspire us, and to wonder in ways that expand their understanding of the world

Notre Histoire

Two minutes. History.   Sent from my iPhone Reflect curiosity and wonder -- Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness...


Welcome .   Go boldly : be confident -- accept that we are not perfect, and go boldly so that we may grow, together. Scatter seeds of kindness -- accept others; we can only be who we are with what we know at the time; be patient with each other as we learn together. Reflect curiosity and wonder -- engage in conversation and an exchange of ideas, reflecting the ideas of others with one's own; wonder what else could be, and move forward anew. Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness... Reflect curiosity and wonder... Sheri Edwards Live to make the world less difficult for each other. ~ George Eliot