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Hear the Voices

Hear the Voices Awakened to the voices shouting history we then waved past and did not change Aware of the voices showing history we now weave forward and must now change Voices Subdued I believe all voices must be heard, but we have not heard them, though they have screamed. The Black people and people of color who daily walk and sleep in fear due to the systems of racism that creep into and steal the American dream for equality for all Americans. Although I have recently written about this here , I am aware how feeble this is, this attempt to help. But know this: whatever you can do and voice is better than the silence that has subdued the screams for help. Laura Gibbs, in her recent post, Twitter Highlights: June 4 , shared two resources I think will help-- because educators can not be silent: a podcast from Teaching Higher Ed,  Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies ,  that may help with both thinking about it, and in planning writing work to develop awareness, w