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Still Learning

Still Learning

This summer I'm measuring my blogging knowledge, adding in some new ingredients -- such as creating a network of bloggers using InoReader.

My mentor teacher is Laura Gibbs and our learning course is online:  Summer2020 Blogging Fest.

I'm restarting this blog for this purpose, and hopefully for a continued idea about a community of bloggers. More on that later.

I'm excited to learn more about blogger-- I've had experience with many blogging platforms: Wordpress, Blogger, Edublogs, Kidblogs, Tumblr, Posterous [expired]. However, I'm really still a beginner with making the platform be what I want, and that is not always an easy thing-- many platforms dictate the format, but Blogger offers some choices.

There will be some thorns in the process of planting ideas, but step by step, I'll be able to mix new ideas with old and develop a plan for a project.

Today I tried a few themes -- the thing about Blogger and Wordpress, is that there are choices to play with, and that is creative fun!  Laura saw this one, so I kept returned to it for now:

Let's get started, and follow us on Twitter at  #Summer2020BlogFest 


Background Art by Sheri42 -- see it on Red Bubble

Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness... Reflect curiosity and wonder... Live to make the world less difficult for each other. ~ George Eliot


  1. Hi Sheri! It is fun to have this other space where we can interact (blogs are so different than Twitter that way)... and I had totally forgotten about Posterous! I knew some people who used that for a class blogging system, so it was a sad day when it went away. Tumblr is such a great system also. My students sometimes use Tumblr to design their project website! It's kind of weird how it does comments which is why Tumblr doesn't work as a blog for my classes, but when students are familiar with Tumblr (some art!), they can easily design really nice websites with it. Anyway, I'm so glad you've joined in here. It's really nice to have an example of a blog like this that is happening with a Blogger blog mapped to a domain like this. :-)

    1. I know-- but the good lesson learned from Posterous is to make sure the platform lets you take your data out in a readable format! I just transferred my Posterous into a WordPress. Google Takeout is great for that.

      I'm not a fan of Tumblr, but my granddaughter used to blog there so I started one there as well. I tweet and IG to Tumblr; I like it for photos and art.

      I'm glad you created this for others to learn the versatility of blogging! Thanks!

    2. so true about portability: the Blogger backup is super easy... and you know if/when the Google taketh away Blogger, there will be plenty of services, including WordPress, who will want to welcome all the Blogger refugees seeking new homes. :-)

  2. I'm excited for you, Sheri! I love having multiple blogs for different purposes. Enjoy Blogger!

    1. Hi Joy! I saw you here and just had to say HI! It's fun to meet up with people in different spaces. :-)

    2. Hi Joy! I’ve had this blog for a while but WordPress is much easier for embedding tweets and videos. Or else there is a trick I don’t know yet. :) I’m researching those tomorrow. Thanks for popping in!

    3. Yes, Sheri, that is so true: WordPress "recognizes" content you want to embed from the URL and handles a lot of that automatically. With Blogger, it usually requires getting the actual iframe code snippet and pasting that into the HTML view in the blog post. I'm used to that, but WordPress makes it possible to do that without having to mess with the HTML at all. You can embed all the same stuff in Blogger (and more, since Blogger allows javascripts, whereas and I think Edublogs, but not sure, do not allow javascripts)... but it's not automated in the very nice way that WordPress automates that. I was going to write up notes on all the different kinds of embedding I like to do (YouTube, Twitter, NPR audio, SoundCloud, etc.) and if you can think of any other favorites of yours I can document, let me know and I will do that for sure! :-)

    4. Embedding Google Apps would be important to know. I also use Thinglink,, and others. There are so many apps and data that we use, that could be embedded as we blog. I'm just going to need to rethink my embed knowledge -- WordPress has let me be lazy!


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