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Shine a Light for Hope

I've started a series of art illustrations to emphasize a hope I have that our country will join together as one again, as a United States of Americans-- where we are all treated equally.

I recently read an article in The Guardian about art's impact on our world during difficult times.

Hope is the precursor to change. Without it, no better world is possible.  
Feeling overwhelmed? How art can help in an emergency by Olivia Laing 
The above illustration is about hope-- and shining light on the goodness of the world, to keep our vision for moving forward in these difficult times.

My art is a small piece of hope for a better world.

Last week, I shared a post on how I "curate" tweets and articles by emailing to a blog: Project: A Tweet Away

Today, I found exactly what I needed for my new illustration on "building bridges." In the news again this week were more devastating problems with racism. I know we need to connect better as humans and to share our stories to help stop the increase in deaths and discrimination. So, on my curation blog, I searched for "Racism."

That's the power of curation-- the information needed truly was "a tweet away."

If you'd like to see my art and its reflection, you may find it here: United States of Americans.

The point of this blog is: Curate!  Whether it's for education, art, or action/activism, you'll be glad you have saved the information you need.

Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness... Reflect curiosity and wonder... Live to make the world less difficult for each other. ~ George Eliot


  1. Oh, this is beautiful, Sheri! Listening to the news this morning on NPR I was so angry, frustrated... and not hopeful. I needed this exactly now. And your art is WONDERFUL; I clicked through on that link. The one of the snake is amazing. I'm really interested in that emblematic combination of short-text and image, and then the way you added more commentary at the post itself is perfect. So cool. Emblem tradition going strong in the 21st century!

    1. Thank you Laura. I'm still learning the art techniques, but using art for change and social justice is one way I can contribute to help others, especially since I am in the group of people who need to #StayHome to #StaySafe from that virus.


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